What is the advantage of LSR liquid silicone products over solid silicone products?

I often see people asking why LSR liquid silicone products are better than solid silicone rubber products. Shenzhen Silicone Rubber Products Factory has made a comprehensive summary of the advantages of liquid silicone products. I hope it can help friends. What are these seven advantages?

  1. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: it is widely used in the field of silicone rubber diagnosis and treatment products, silicone rubber maternity and baby products, and silicone kitchen utensils, which are all relatively sensitive areas, so it can be seen that its safety factor is very high.
  2. High toughness: general solid silicone rubber is relatively sensitive, and it will be torn if it cannot withstand much pulling force. Even if the solid silicone rubber processed by the gas phase method is still not comparable to LSR liquid silicone products, such as liquid silicone medical balloons, liquid silicone rubber Silicone cable ties, bandages, etc. are its representative products.

  3. Full transparency: transparent like glass, with a certain degree of ornamental value, the most typical product application is the nipple on the baby bottle, and other products such as diving goggles and vacuum suction cups are also selected because of this Liquid silicone products.

  4. High automation: Liquid silicone uses a standard injection machine, and its abrasive tools are similar to injection molds. Therefore, liquid silicone products have high automation technology in the production process, instead of manual placement like solid molds. Material, reducing manual operation, of course, the service life of the abrasive tool is greatly increased, and the productivity is correspondingly higher than that.

  5. Short curing time: The molecular formula of liquid silicone products is different from that of solid silicone rubber products, and its curing time is one-third of that of solid silicone rubber products at a suitable ambient temperature, so the production cycle is greatly shortened and the productivity is further improved.

  6. Molding environment: The forming environment temperature of solid silicone rubber products is within 170 degrees, while the forming environment temperature of LSR liquid silicone products only needs to be 130, or even 100 degrees to be cooked in a basic time; although solid silicone rubber is now made of platinum The catalyst can also achieve a molding temperature of 120, but because of the molding process, it also puts forward higher requirements for manufacturing operations, and its use cannot be widely used; most of the silicone-coated injection molding products, silicone-plastic composite type The product must be made of liquid silicone because the plastic cannot withstand continuous high temperature.

  7. High flowability: Because it is in a liquid state, its flowability is very good, and it can fill the die without strong injection pressure. It is suitable for the forming of various products with thick walls, narrow grooves and long tubes.https://www.lyasilicone.com/

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