Producer of Superlative Quality silicone baby feeding sets 2022

Shenzhen LYA Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is known for manufacturing and supplying silicone goods. We are famous for the manufacturing, research, and progress of new silicone items. We are a group of skilled the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, most suitable, and most stylish silicone in the world Glue goods. We guarantee that all our silicone products are 100% high quality and manufactured by our factory unit.

Suppliers of Silicone Baby Feeding Sets:

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of mother and baby products on a large scale in the world. We have developed high-quality baby and mother products from good materials that are food-grade silicone. our baby feeding sets are free from harmful chemicals and suitable for kids. baby food storage set that we are providing contains

  • 2 silicone baby bibs
  • 2 baby soft spoons
  • A divided suction plates
  • A suction bowl with bonus lid

Silicone Baby feeding sets Designed by Neuration’s Suggestions 

Nowadays every mom is conscious about the health of kids and they want to give healthy and nutritious food to their kids. It includes suction bowls & soft spoons specifically to aid self-feeding to them. This baby feeding set contains a waterproof silicone bib with a large pocket to avoid baby clothes from the spot.

  • The strong suction cups on the bottom of this bowl stay constant on level, spotless surfaces to avoid slipping or flipping over.
  • It’s supreme on feeding chair trays or tables.
  • Durable suction bowls for children with high scooping lip assistances mom feed baby with one hand.
  • Three sections remind mothers to provide fruit or veggie, protein, and carbohydrate.
  • Attractive face design sets kids in the right mood for a positive mealtime practice.
  • Its Encourages self-feeding and grows fine motor skills.

Customized silicone baby feeding sets

We can also ready custom baby sets for babies on customer demands like customized color, with baby pics or logos, no of things that they demand in a set.

  • Quality of our baby set is very superb.
  • We are providing it on a wholesale basis in European countries for the last few years and getting positive feedback from our valued clients.
  • You can take it anywhere outside of the home like on the beach or park.
  • Prices of baby feeding sets are very low as compared to our competitors and also maintaining the quality of it.

Flexible silicone Baby feeding sets

We are entertaining our wholesaler buyers with a Silicone baby feeding set. As you know Silicone is a very lenient material, much similar to rubber. our silicone baby feeding set has uniqueness it never break into several small pieces. the reason is that Bowls and plates were developed from silicone.

 We will provide it to you in beautiful gift packing. we are delivering it on time by post without damaging it. we also have many payment methods for the easiness of our valued clients that are PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, and Bank transfer.

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