Baby silicone teethers: The best companion for your baby

Teething is an exceptionally troublesome phase for both babies and parents. The pain of the first few teeth generates a lot of discomforts and keeps irritating your baby. And that’s when babies start to grow their biting habit. If you have already gone through that stage, you must have a distinct idea of how they reach for everything they should not. For instance, your fingers or arms or a bare part of your shoulder. Ouch! That certainly hurts. But parents suffer the most when they try to keep their babies away from biting harmful things. Most parents at this stage buy teethers to relieve their babies. However, the question is if they are safe or not. You definitely won’t tolerate something that threatens the health of your baby. But you can throw away all your worries now as silicone teethers are here to help you out. They are safe and come with an easy cleaning feature. Read further to learn why baby silicone teethers have become the best choice among parents.

It’s time to learn the difference between silicon and silicone

Most people seem to have a confusion between these two substances, silicon and silicone. Silicon is widely found in nature and is a prime element in the production of silicone. So, basically silicone is a man made substance whereas silicon is all natural. Apart from this, silicon is known for being a chemical element that often involves itself in chemical reactions. However, silicone is nothing like that and this is the reason why teethers are made of silicone and not of silicon.

Don’t worry, Silicone is safe

Silicone is like an intermediate substance between rubber and plastic. It is kinda similar to plastics for some of its characteristics such as transparency, elasticity, temperature resistance et cetera. However, silicone teethers are way safer for the babies as it is composed of silicon and oxygen. Growing microorganisms is not possible in case of silicone. Moreover it does not react with UV rays rather resist it. Adding to these, it follows a really low and simple maintenance process. You can use a dishwasher to clean it or put it into a refrigerator. These baby silicone teethers can put up with all such things. Silicone is widely used in medicine and dentistry. This fact also approves of the safety of silicone teethers.


Why should you opt for silicone teethers for your baby?

It’s a common nature of the parents to always look for the safest accessories for their babies that will keep them all hale and hearty and won’t harm their rapid growth. Here’s why you can blindly trust the silicone teethers when you feel the need to buy one for your baby.


  • Babies enjoy silicone teethersas they are super chewy and help relax their gums.
  • They have amazing durability.
  • They are absolutely safe for the health of the babies.
  • Silicone resists temperature as well as UV lights.
  • Food-grade silicon is used in making baby silicone teethers.
  • Polymers like PVC, BPA are not used in its composition.
  • Baby silicone teethersdo not involve chemical reactions.
  • They support easy cleaning procedures using soaps, dish washers etc.
  • Puttingsilicone teethers in the fridge does not degrade its quality.

Wrapping it up

Early parenthood isn’t easy, especially when it’s your first time parenting. Some stages like teething might even give you a nightmarish experience. But parents can endure it all to keep their babies healthy and happy. So, why compromise when you purchase a teether for your little one. Silicone teethers are way better than any other teethers out in the market. It ensures zero possibility of harm, therefore, zero chance of letting your expectations down. LDon’t think much and place your order now!


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