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Are you looking for silicone beads wholesale products? If yes, you happen to be just in the right place. Lyasilicone is a renowned silicone beads bulk manufacturing factory. Their products are approved to be of superior quality, are safe, radiant and worth your money. Whether it’s just for making crafts or fashionable jewellery or is going to be used as a baby product, you can always expect the quickest delivery, reasonable price, easy payment and most importantly the finest quality. There’s no way your expectations would be hurt. Here, take a look at why you should buy silicone beads wholesale products online.

These silicone products are safe

The reason behind trusting a silicone beads manufacturer is the product and service they provide you with. Silicone beads bulk contain neither heavy metals such as cadmium, led nor polymers like PVC and BPA. It is composed of food-grade silicone and isn’t prone to chemical reactions. Moreover, silicone beads wholesale products have a strong resistance power against UV lights and temperature. Babies can even chew it or rub it on their bodies, there’s no side effect known to be in existence. For cleaning, you can use any cleanser you have such as detergent, soaps, cleaning soda etc. There’s no risk of quality degradation.

You may ask for the desired Pantone, size or shapes

A reputed and experienced silicone beads wholesale product supplying port knows well to please customers and value their choices. That is why almost all the manufacturers let the customers decide what Pantone they want for the beads, what should be its size and what it must look like. You can go for whatever colour and design pattern you like. You can order beads that have letters inscribed on them or have small dots all over or can ask for a plain colour, for instance. These silicone beads bulk mostly have round, square, lentil or hexagonal shapes and are measured in millimetres. Every shape comes in different sizes. Common size chart for round shaped silicone beads bulk has measures like 9/ 10/ 12/ 15/ 19 millimetres whilst hexagonal beads are of 14/ 17 mm and letter beads are of 10/ 12 mm.

Place your order in a hassle-free way

After you decide to buy silicone beads wholesale products, you must be conscious of their quality, colours, shapes and so on. No one should fall for promotions rather opt for initial testing of the silicone beads bulk. You must order at least one thousand pieces at a time and can pay for it using various payment methods manufacturers offer. You are likely to get your package within 3 to 15 business days. This proves how easy it is to place an order for silicone beads bulk online. Once you are satisfied with the sample product, you can order the desired amount easily. Such manufacturing factories keep a lot in their stocks to respect the urgency of their customers.


Lyasilicone grants its customers all sorts of facilities as well as the best products. They understand what exactly their customers seek while purchasing silicone beads bulk and this eventually became the key to their huge success in this industry of silicone beads wholesale. So, what is this wait for? Don’t trust the products based on these claims, buy some and get assured. Place your online order now!

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