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Today, many partners who are looking for silicone sleeve manufacturers and partners who want to know about silicone waterproof caps will consider several questions: the production process of silicone sleeves produced by manufacturers, silicone waterproof caps Is the mass production and processing price reasonable? Can the manufacturer deliver the goods  on time and with high quality? How can we customize the production of cheap and high-quality flat silicone sleeve silicone products? So now,Shenzhen Liyong’an silicone manufacturer will tell you in detail the specific content of the flat silicone sleeve manufacturer and the silicone waterproof cap factory, hoping to help you better!

Silicone sleeve processing customization: according to customer requirements, produce various shapes, 
sizes, logos, colors, and patterns corresponding products.

Silicone sleeve manufacturer, customized production process of silicone waterproof cap: glue, hot pressing, bronzing, 
injection molding, liquid injection, silk screen, metal inlay, high frequency, etc. Perhaps in terms of stability,
Expansion has an absolute advantage. Silicone sleeves usually choose to spray the appearance and feel of oil, 
so you don’t have to consider the appearance and feel of the product when you just buy it.
Sticky dust phenomenon, but with the service life of the product, the oil may fall off for too long, and the
 surface spraying effect is worn by the friction of the object, resulting in a rough hand feeling and sticky dust phenomenon.

Silicone sleeves and silicone waterproof caps have many unavoidable shortcomings in the use process, which affect the use function, such as breakage, loosening after too long use, odor, oil pollution, etc., and these problems
All problems can be solved by the internal process control of the silica gel processing plant.


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