A collection of application knowledge explanations of silicone rubber products in the new energy automobile industry

No one thought that new energy would occupy an important market in the automotive field in just five years, and the development of the automotive field cannot avoid the support of every industry and field. Naturally, silicone rubber products must contribute to it. , then in the field of silicone rubber products, do you know how much it has on the function and influence of the car!

We all know that the difference between a tram and an oil truck is that the rubber used in the oil truck occupies the majority, while on the tram, due to the factors of various lines and connectors, silicone occupies most of its spare parts, and silica gel also has a certain degree of use in the use of new energy. The emphasis is on the difference between hybrid and pure electric for voltage 
and high-voltage accessories.

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The main advantage of silicone rubber in the application process is that it has a certain temperature resistance range between -40 and 240 degrees, good toughness and rebound, and excellent tear resistance. The cable bending radius is small and it is more suitable for use. Because of the sealed connection, high flame retardancy, it can still give the cable a better output flow under high
 temperature performance, and has strong aging performance. It can be used in different environments for a long time without affecting the function and producing various reactions!

For example, power electronics, drive motors, controllers, etc. all have certain differences. For example, the motor is large and the temperature of the cable layout is high. The application environment of the silicone parts is small and the mechanical, electrical and mechanical work intensity is high, especially when the load is full. Or when accelerating instantaneously, the test of silicone rubber
 parts is relatively large. At this time, it is very likely that the parts are damaged due to the particularity of the material or the material is not in accordance with the standard, resulting in vehicle failure!

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In the field of new energy, its main function is to ensure smoother insertion of terminals, surface lubrication and friction to improve product life, and to respond to various sudden performance outputs during vehicle movement, such as high and low temperatures, flame retardant, UV ozone, liquid immersion, etc., good stability, no pollution chemical reaction with other materials, etc.!

Cars are an indispensable means of transportation for us. As for silicone rubber parts, they have been used in the entire new energy vehicle, so its function, performance and quality also determine  the safety performance of the entire car. Therefore, in material selection and performance testing Aspects must not be taken lightly!


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