LYASilicone Factory successfully held a fire drill, all staff vigilant against fire safety

On June 28, 2023, Shenzhen LYASilicone Processing Factory successfully held a wonderful fire drill in the company yard. This activity aims to increase employees’Awareness of fire safety, familiarity with fire emergency handling procedures, and enhanced ability to respond to sudden fire accidents.

This exercise was carefully organized by the personnel operation department of Liyong’an Silicone Processing Factory, and professional instructors and simulated fire sources were arranged. Through the real simulated fire scene,
Allow participating employees to experience and learn basic emergency measures and skills such as fire fighting and evacuation. At the event site, the employees responded quickly, called the police urgently, and escaped safely.
Demonstrated a high degree of self-awareness and emergency response capabilities.

Through this exercise, the company has increased employees’ awareness of fire safety, cultivated the ability of employees to correctly handle fire accidents, and improved the overall safety quality.
This is of great significance for effectively preventing and responding to sudden fire accidents, ensuring the personal safety and asset safety of employees, and improving the overall image of the company.

In order to ensure the fire safety of employees, LYASilicone Processing Factory has also strengthened the maintenance and management of fire protection facilities in normal times. Regular inspection and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment
To ensure the smooth flow of roads, a detailed fire extinguishing plan and emergency escape route map have been formulated, and necessary fire extinguishing equipment and escape guidelines have been provided to ensure that employees can
Take correct and effective measures at the first time.

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In the future work, LYASilicone will continue to strengthen fire safety education and publicity, regularly carry out fire drills and training, improve employees’ fire safety awareness, and comprehensively strengthen We will optimize fire protection work and strive to build a safe and stable working environment.

The successful holding of the fire drill demonstrates LYASilicone’s high concern and responsible attitude towards the safety of employees’ lives and property, and further strengthens the employees’ belonging to the company sense and cohesion. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all employees, the fire safety work of Liyongan Silicone will continue to improve and provide guarantee for the safe development of employees.

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