What is silicone finger brush is made of?

Since Silicone was introduced into the manufacturing industry, it has gained a lot of popularity of being the most suitable and convenient material to use in manufacturing products.

Silicone is used in the production of a wide variety of products among them is a Silicone finger brush which is used by teething babies. In this article, we are going to look at silicone and silicone finger brushes’ benefits and their composition.

Silicone finger brush material.

Silicone is a man-made synthetic inorganic polymer made using silicon as its main element. It is made of silicon and oxygen atoms and unlike other organic compounds, it does not have carbon.

This material has gained popularity over its counterparts like plastic and glass in the manufacturing industry for its durability, flexibility, and heat resistance.

Shenzhen LYASilicone rubber products company is one of the companies that produce and sell silicone products. It is a well-established company with over 20 years of industry experience and with an able team that provides quality and adequate products and services to its consumers.

What is silicone finger brush is made of?

Why use silicone to manufacture Silicone finger brush.

As a child develops and grows, there is a stage where they start to grow teeth. In this stage, children often have symptoms like irritability, tenderness, and swollen gums.

With these symptoms, children tend to put objects in their mouths to try and soothe this discomfort.

This is where teething objects come in, in this case, silicone finger brush. This product is essential in a child’s development because it is a safe and comfortable chewing toy for them.

These silicone finger brushes are made using food-grade liquid silicone rubber and below are some of the advantages of using liquid silicone rubber and silicone finger brushes.

· It is tasteless and odorless. Silicone brushes do not have any taste nor have a smell. This helps in ensuring the child is comfortable and not irritated when using this product.

· Waterproof. It has been made with quality material that does not allow any form of pores that may harbor liquid.

· It resists oxidation. Silicone is chemically stable which makes it possible to be used with strong acids and bases without degrading or decomposing.

· It is bacteria-proof. The material used to make these finger brushes have a soft texture and are compact without pores that may harbor harmful microorganisms. This makes it safe for babies to put them in their mouths.

· It is durable. This silicone finger brush has high tensile strength and tear strength which makes it durable because children will pull and stretch them and will maintain its structure without breaking.

· It can be sterilized. Silicone is a high heat resistant material. This quality makes it possible for products such as silicone finger brush to be sterilized and reused.

What is silicone finger brush is made of?


With all these said, silicone is a Friendly material to use in manufacturing silicone products with its advantages outweighing its counterparts like plastic.

Silicone finger brushes are also an essential chewing tool for teething babies because it is made with baby-friendly material and most importantly,  safe for babies.

What is silicone finger brush is made of?

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