How to manufacture silicone product?

Silicone is slowly becoming an essential material in the manufacturing industry with its benefits and advantages outweighing its counterpart materials such as plastic.

Silicone is used to manufacture a wide variety of products from kitchenware, baby products, computer chips, and the automotive industry just but to mention a few.

In this article, we are going to learn what exactly silicone is and the reasons behind its success in the manufacturing industry.

What is silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic inorganic polymer. This material is said to be inorganic because unlike organic compounds it does not contain carbon in its chemical composition but instead has Oxygen and silicon atoms.

Just to be clear, there is a difference between silicone and silicon material. Silicone is a group of man-made compounds which are made using Silicon as the main element. Silicon is a solid chemical element.

Silicone is manufactured through processes that involve several chemical reactions using silicon metal, methanol, and other elements as the raw material to come up with Silanes, fluids, rubbers, liquid rubbers, and resins after polymerization as the end product.

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manufacture silicone products

How to manufacture silicone products.

There are multiple methods of fabricating silicone rubber to come up with silicone products such as injection molding, transfer molding calendaring among others. The most common method is Injection molding and that is going to be the main focus. Let’s look at what injection molding is.

Injection molding.

This is a process where material (in this case silicone rubber) is put under high temperatures to melt then injected into molds. These molds are filled with molten silicone rubber. It is then cooled to make them solid.

This method is popular and mostly used as it has more advantages than the other conventional methods because of the following;

  •  It accommodates high production.
  •  With this method, the process can be automated.
  • It can use multiple materials at the same time.
  •  Low production costs.
  • Possesses low molding cycles.
  • It is ideal for products that require uniformity.

Why use silicone manufacturing products?

Silicone is versatile and is economically friendly to use in molding. It is also better than its counterparts like glass and plastics because of the following properties;

  • It is Odorless and tasteless.
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Suitable to be used in sterile environments.
  •  High durability and tensile strength.
  • High thermal stability.

Because of these qualities, it can be used in any environment where quality and durability are needed. It is also available in medical, food contact, and high thermal stability grades.

How to manufacture silicone product?


With all the information given above it is evident that silicone is a good material to be used in the manufacturing industry. Silicone products are also superior to materials such as organic rubber, glass, and plastic in many aspects hence, it is can be used as an alternative material in manufacturing.

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