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Won the recognition of the first-line baby brands at home and abroad

If you know it, you will know that Liyong’an Silicone Products Factory has provided customized production of 
silicone baby products for many first-line baby brands at home and abroad, and has maintained a good
 reputation for a long time.
partnership. At present, the brands we have cooperated with are: Little Dot, ezpz, MARCUS, BABY 
BANANA and other baby brands. Their baby products mainly include:
Silicone baby products such as silicone dinner plates, silicone bibs, silicone teethers, etc.

silicone products factory

Why do many brands choose LYASILICONE?

Why do many baby and child brands choose Liyongan and maintain long-term cooperative relations? The customer 
said this: after a comparison, it was found that the comprehensive strength of Liyongan
Meet the demand, and strictly control the product quality, will not cut corners and reduce product quality to
 improve the so-called competitiveness, has its own
The bottom line of quality and a strong sense of service. Because only the quality is excellent and the service 
is in place, people will feel at ease to hand over the order to us for production.

silicone baby products

LYA silicone baby products, good and not expensive

Silicone baby products have always been one of the main businesses of Liyongan Silicone Products Factory. After
 more than 20 years of development and precipitation, the factory has its own mold workshop, solid silicone
Molding, liquid silicone molding, glue dropping process, printing, oil injection and other workshops have perfect 
silicone product production technology and equipment, which can effectively control the time
and cost. Because we don’t make inferior products, the silicone baby products we produce may not be the
 cheapest in the market, but we can guarantee that the price is absolutely guaranteed under the same quality.
have an advantage.

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