Can ordinary silicone be platinum vulcanized?

Ordinary silicone, also known as tin-cure silicone, typically uses tin-based curing agents, not platinum. Platinum-cure silicone, on the other hand, contains platinum-based catalysts for vulcanization (cross-linking). These two types of silicone are chemically different, and you cannot typically convert ordinary silicone into platinum-cure silicone.

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Platinum-cure silicone is often preferred in applications where high purity, heat resistance, and biocompatibility are required, such as in medical devices and food-contact materials. It has some advantages over tin-cure silicone, including reduced potential for leaching of by-products.

If you need to use platinum-cure silicone, you should purchase the appropriate silicone material that is specifically formulated with platinum catalysts for vulcanization. Trying to convert ordinary silicone to platinum-cure silicone is not a practical or straightforward process.

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