Which toys are suitable for 36-month-old babies [usage of silicone teething toys]

Voice-producing silicone teething toys: Anything your baby can grasp and make a screeching sound is usually a hit with babies this month.This toy is great for playing in the tub and makes bathing your baby a lot more fun. silicone Cactus teether baby teething ring teether toothbrush etc.

Brightly Colored Teeth Rings:
Some babies start teething when they are 6 months old. At this time, giving the baby a soft molar ring can help the
 baby relieve the discomfort of teething and also help the baby to grow teeth.

Activities Blankets and Play Mats:
Whether at home or traveling with your baby, keep a septum with you. Wherever you go, simply spread the blanket on the floor and your baby will have a clean, familiar environment to play in. sewn on Hooks around the blanket allow you to tie your baby’s favorite toy with you.

Knowledge card:
Cards with large outlines and bright colors always attract your baby’s attention. You can choose some animal cards and fruit cards, and show them to your baby from time to time. You can also use a towel to hide the cards., let the baby lift the towel to find the card, and then tell the baby the name of the pattern.

The above are what toys are suitable for 3-6 month old babies, I hope it will be helpful for your baby’s early education.

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