Fan-shaped travel silicone bottle

Travel goods, new silicone packaging bottles, creative portable shower gel shampoo storage bottles, factory wholesale
Selling points:
1. Customized by the manufacturer, affordable
2. Fashionable appearance, three-layer leak-proof, ignoring external extrusion
3. Superb molding process, soft body and good touch
4. Use scenario: business trip, home camping

Bulk Pricing – B2B Service – No Prototyping

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LYA Silicone Products: Your best Fan-shaped travel silicone bottle manufacturer and supplier

Shenzhen LYASilicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd. was established on June 4, 2001, and has 20 years of production and R&D experience in the silicone products industry.

Our goal is to focus on the production and research and development of new silicone products. Provide customers with the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, most convenient and most fashionable silicone in the world Glue products.

Today, we have formed a complete R&D team with integrated production and marketing, professional and technical personnel studying abroad, and some who have been in the industry for more than ten years R&D engineers。

we mainly focus on OEM/ODM of silicone sports outdoor travel products, household silicone products, and mother and baby silicone products. we promise All products are 100% developed and produced by ourselves. We have our own mold room, open molds and produce by ourselves, and provide one-stop service.

200 existing employees Multi-person, 45 silicone molding machines. Plant Area: 4500 square meters.

Product Description:

Name: Fan-shaped travel silicone bottle
Material: medical grade liquid silicone (the same as baby pacifier material)
Process: Molding process
Color: transparent, pink
Weight: 37 ml / 28 g, 60 ml / 37 g, 43, 89 ml/g
Packaging: cardboard or OPP bag packaging, also can order packaging

Fan-shaped travel silicone bottle

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