Only a bag of paper towels can hold so much water! A must for outdoor sports, silicone foldable water cup!

Only a bag of paper towels can hold so much water! A must for outdoor sports, silicone foldable water cup!

How important is it to bring a water bottle with you when you are away from home?
 Imagine these situations:
 Mountaineering and hiking, the mouth is dry, but there is not a single store around; tourist attractions, high prices, 10 yuan for any bottle of agricultural and mountain spring.
On the road in traffic jams, I was very thirsty, but I didn’t walk 100 meters in half an hour; I usually exercise, and the small paper cups in the gym can’t quench my thirst even after a few drinks.
This is where the benefits of bringing your own water bottle come in. And eight glasses of water a day are essential, especially for girls, timely replenishment is more useful than applying more skin care essence.
But then again, the portable water bottle is quite embarrassing.

It’s too big, so I don’t need it when I’m packing my luggage, and it takes up a lot of space for nothing; I usually go out shopping, and my shoulder bag is not too small, so it’s inconvenient to hold.
Be small, when you want to drink water, it is not enough to drink, it is better not to bring it.
It would be great if there was a water bottle that was light, good-looking, can be installed, large or small, and could bend and stretch.
This folding water cup really lives up to its name, with a super high appearance and four colors to choose from, and the self-contained water cup will not be considered old-fashioned.
Environmentally friendly material, foldable, easy to carry, can also be a decoration on a backpack.
Food-grade safety, large unfolded capacity, a full 600ml, which is larger than a bottle of mineral water. When folded, it is only the size of a pack of Vinda paper towels, and small bags can also be placed.

Abandon the traditional water cup, and go out with this foldable water cup, which is easy to use and healthy, and can also contribute to environmental protection.
For portability, there are many mini water bottles on the market. Even if they are only 200ml, they take up a lot of space in backpacks and suitcases.
Not to mention that 200ml will be gone after two sips, which is not practical at all. And this yoyan water cup is made of silicone material, which can be folded arbitrarily and can be large or small.
When not in use, one roll and one discount can be buckled up.
The size of the folded cup is about the size of a small pack of tissues, which can be easily wrapped by the little hands of girls. Take it for hiking, running, and fitness, roll it up after drinking water, and put it in your pocket, which is easy and convenient. Of course, the small satchel that girls usually carry when they go shopping is no problem.


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