Liquid silicone processing technology

Liquid silicone processing technology refers to adding liquid silica gel material through a specific production process Work into products of different shapes and sizes. Liquid silicone is a material with high elasticity, excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, so it is widely used in aviation, automobile, medical, electronics and other fields.The main processes of liquid silicone processing include molding, injection molding, spraying, coating, laminating, etc.

Liquid silicone products

Among them, molding is a commonly used processing method, which uses a mold to press and shape liquid silicone to form a product with a certain size and shape. Injection molding is to inject liquid silicone into the mold and cure it under high temperature and high pressure. Spraying, coating, and bonding are to spray, coat, and bond liquid silicone on the surface of the required material to form a product with certain wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance.

Liquid silicone processing technology has the characteristics of simple process, low cost and high production efficiency.Customized production can be carried out according to different needs, and it is suitable for the manufacture of various products.

Liquid silicone

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