How to sterilize silicone pacifiers?

Among the commonly used pacifiers, silicone pacifiers are very common, and many babies use silicone pacifiers. For the health of the baby, the cleaning and disinfection of the pacifier must be done well. Because unlike adults, babies’ resistance is very poor. So how to sterilize silicone pacifiers?There are many ways to sterilize silicone pacifiers, and the most common method is to boil them in boiling water. After the boiling water boils, put the silicone pacifier into it
 and cook for about 3 to 5 minutes, then you can fish it out. Do not cook for too long. If you cook for too long, the surface will become more sticky, pores will appear, the aging of the silicone will be accelerated, and the surface of the silicone pacifier will easily turn yellow. However, the cooking time should not be too short, and the bacteria on the surface of the pacifier cannot be killed if the time is too short. Be careful not to touch the wall of the pot during the process.

silicone pacifier
In addition to the method of boiling water, the use of high-temperature steam disinfection at100 ° C is the most widely used, and the most thorough and effective method for disinfection. Prepare a pot of water, boil it until the steam comes out, put the cleaned silicone pacifier on it and steam it for about 12-15 minutes to kill all the bacteria around the pacifier. Taking this approach will not only make the pacifier last longer, but it will also not damage its surface.Of course, mothers who are afraid of trouble can also buy a special milk bottle sterilizer. The milk bottle sterilizer is a device specially used for sterilizing milk bottles, which is made according to the same disinfection principle.The above disinfection methods of silicone pacifiers, mothers can choose to use them according to their actual situation. The raw materials for making silicone pacifiers are food-grade silicone, FDA food-grade certification, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and you can use it with confidence.


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