Customized process of silicone products

Today, everyone is not unfamiliar with silicone products, but should not be so familiar with the process of silicone products customization. Shenzhen LYA is a one-stop “silicone” service manufacturer focusing on the silicone product customization industry for nearly two decades. We have our own factory and mold room, specially for customers to make molds and custom their silicone products. Our silicone products for mother and baby, outdoor silicone products, household silicone products, if you have related needs, please feel free to inquire us.


To customize silicone products, you first need to make a set of molds. The molds are mainly designed according to the 3D drawings or physical samples provided by customers. Of course, before designing the molds, our quotation engineer will evaluate the product drawings or samples. After the evaluation, a quotation can be sent to you. You will confirm whether to cooperate with us, and then the mold room master will program the mold according to the 3D drawing or take the sample to copy the number. After the mold is completed, the samples will be carried out and then handed to the you for confirmation.

Customized process of silicone products

So how much does it cost to open a customized mold for silicone products? The price of silicone mold is not fixed. We calculate according to the size of the product provided by the customer, as well as the data of material, wastage, labor and technology costs. Of course, it also depends on the complexity of the mold. The more complex mold costs are relatively higher. The mold time is generally 4-7 days, but the specific time depends on the customer’s product structure. The mold processing time and cost of products with different structures are different.


The mold opening and customization process of customized silicone products seems simple, but in the entire production process, you need to communicate with the manufacturer clearly about the specific needs, so that the manufacturer can produce silicone products that meet your customized needs in faster, with quality and quantity.


Shenzhen LYA has our own mold processing workshop, and we also have a solid silicone vulcanization workshop and a liquid silicone injection molding workshop. Whether it is silicone molds, solid silicone products, or liquid silicone products, our company can customize production.

Customized process of silicone products

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