Why Silicone cooking utensils, silicone placemats, and silicone bowls are the way to go.

Silicone Placemats, silicone cooking utensils, and silicone bowls are slowly becoming essential utilities that are used in most households. This is because of its durability features and its outweighing advantages when compared to substances like glass and plastic.

Why Silicone cooking utensils, silicone placemats, and silicone bowls are the way to go.

What is silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic elastomer that is elastic and has rubber-like qualities. In the past years, silicone has been compared to glass and plastic on how it is environmentally friendly. Silicone is majorly used in manufacturing products where strength, elasticity, high quality, and durability are needed.

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Why silicone placemats, silicone utensils, and silicone bowls are considered environmentally friendly.

Below are some of the reasons why silicone products are regarded as environmentally friendly.

  • Highly durable.

Silicone is reputable for being durable with the ability to withstand extremely harsh conditions since it cannot be broken into pieces or yet cannot be deformed when exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures. Tiny particles from material such as plastic have been found to cause harm to living organisms such as marine life which can be reduced by adapting silicone products that cannot be broken into smaller particles and when ingested, don’t cause harm.

  • The raw materials are fetched from natural resources.

Silicone is made from a material called silica which is derived from strongly heating sand. Sand is very abundant and the process of manufacturing silicone does not pollute the environment since there is no need of using material such as petroleum.

  • They are easy to be disposed of.

When they are burnt in high temperatures, they do not emit any hazardous gases or elements as their residue is its ash. This is beneficial to the environment since there is no toxic material emitted to the environment which in turn preserves the natural state of the environment.

  • It can be recycled.

Silicone is highly recyclable and can be used as an alternative to disposable plastic because instead of disposing of these plastics which will eventually end up on land or the sea, silicone can be cleaned and used again because it is durable and has a long lifespan, unlike plastic.

They are easy to clean.

These silicone products have a smooth texture and it is made with material which does not harbor microorganisms. This quality makes silicone cooking utensils and silicone bowls easy to clean up and it also helps to reduce the use of disposable plastics.

  • They can withstand high temperatures.

Silicone can withstand high temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius and does not emit any gases when exposed to extreme temperatures. This property makes it environmentally friendly since no toxins are emitted by silicone when exposed to high temperatures, unlike plastic which melts and emits dangerous gases to the environment.

  • It is best for storing food.

Silicone is considered the safest for storage of food because it does not contain any harmful chemicals unlike plastics which has had a bad reputation of emitting harmful chemicals such as BPA, which makes it not suitable for food storage,

Why Silicone cooking utensils, silicone placemats, and silicone bowls are the way to go.

In conclusion

When comparing other products to the silicone of being environmentally friendly, silicone comes out as the most suitable material to be used in place of plastic and glass because it is strong, it is of high quality, and it is durable which means it can be used for a long time. This makes silicone cooking utensils, silicone placemats, and silicone bowls the most suitable and efficient household items to have.

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