What silicone products are all about?

What is silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic elastomer with properties similar to organic rubber. Silicone is utilized to make a variety of items due to its flexibility, durability, and heat resistance, and other capabilities. Silicone products are well-known for their heat resistance and durability.

In this article, we are going to discuss the composition,characteristics and benefits of using Silicone products.

Composition of Silicone products.

Silicone is essentially made up of two atoms, silicon, and oxygen. In its chemical structure, two oxygen atoms are attached to every silicon atom.

Silicone products are made from Silicone which is in many forms from liquid, resins, emulsion, rubber, elastomers, and many more. Since the introduction of silicone material to the market, many companies have started to produce and sale of silicone products.

Shenzhen Silicone rubber products company is one of the companies that deal in the production of silicone products.

silicone products

Characteristics of silicone products.

1. High resistance to heat and cold.

Silicone products can withstand extreme heat and cold. It is registered to be able to withstand the temperature of 200°C for longer periods and some can even take up to 350°c but only for short periods.

It can also withstand cold temperatures Of  -100°C and below making them suitable for freezing conditions.

2. Severability.

Unlike organic rubber which whether easily and rapidly when exposed to wind, rain, and UV rays for long periods, these have almost no effect on silicone rubber.

3. Moisture and steam resistance.

Silicone products can be immersed in water either cold or warm for long periods and will absorb water to about 1% but will not affect its mechanical strength. Steams cause no deterioration with rubber under ordinary pressure.

4. Resistance to chemicals and oils.

Silicone products do not decompose when used with oils at high temperatures.

It can resist chemicals and other solvents. It does well with non-polar compounds and dilutes acids or bases without swelling or degrading.

5. Electrical insulation.

These silicone products have high insulation resistance. Its insulation capability is stable over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies thus is an ideal insulating material.

6. Tear strength.

They have a high tear strength which makes them suitable for use in applications in areas where high tear strength is needed.

silicone products

Benefits of using Silicone products.

Silicone rubber has vast advantages over other elastomers and other conventional materials such as glass and plastic. Below are some of the advantages of using silicone rubber.

  • Thermal stability: silicone retains its mechanical composition; shape, durability, and flexibility in extreme cold or hot conditions. It also resists flames. This makes it usable in areas where high heat resistance is needed for example baking.
  • Chemical resistance: silicone is a chemically stable compound hence it doesn’t react with chemicals and neither is it corroded by chemicals.
  •  Easy sterilization: because of its capability to withstand high temperatures and radiation exposure, these products can be sterilized and re-used especially medical grade silicone products.
  •  Flexibility: silicone rubber can be made to give different ranges of flexibility and hardness depending on how it is needed to work.
  •  Durable and reliable: silicone is a strong material and with its flexibility,  it can be used for long periods without becoming brittle or becoming degraded.

silicone products


With all these facts, Silicone products are undoubtedly superior to their counterparts like glass and plastic products.

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