The safety of silicone teether has become the focus. Is the silicone material reliable?

Children’s teeth grinding stick is currently the best growth gift for many mothers to infants and young children. It not only improves children’s chewing growth, but also allows infants and young children to have a certain experience with teeth. With the growth of teeth grinding products in the marketIn competition, silicone material basically occupies most of the market share. Many consumers will choose to use silicone material instead of other materials, but many consumers do not understand the silicone teether for children.Material problem, that kind of material standard can meet the use requirements of mother and baby products!

Baby silicone products usually need to meet various testing and certification requirements. The first ROHS environmental protection certification is one of the necessary thresholds, and silicone teethers are required to contact human skin. Many silicone children The gutta percha is sold in the market, but some of them cannot provide higher-level test reports. The reason is precisely because the raw materials of the products do not meet the test standards, so consumers cannot subscribe.

FDA and LFGB testing are general environmental protection testing certifications in Europe and the United States. Usually, silicone products that can pass these two certifications can basically reach the level of environmental protection and safety, and different rubber materials have different formulations.In other words, HTV compound rubber is the main type of rubber compound for silicone products, and it is used in different types of rubber, among which methyl vinyl silicone rubber is the main type.The choice is also a popular type of food-grade fumed rubber, which fully meets the requirements as a mother and baby product.

Food-grade silicone is also referred to as gas-phase glue. It mainly has high return and high tensile force as the main advantage. The product has certain advantages and characteristics. Compared with ordinary glue, it can make higher elasticity, stronger toughness and greater shrinkage.Silica gel product with better anti-yellowing effect, in which the main composition is made of silicon tetrachloride and silicon dioxide obtained with less air, iron oxide, and hydroxy silicone oil as auxiliary materials for high-temperature kneading and molding to obtain raw materials.After mixing, high temperature compression molding achieves the effect of food-grade silica gel.

From the perspective of consumers, the material of silicone teether basically does not see any difference from the material, but after long-term use for a long time, the functionality and resilience of the product will have different differences. Food grade The difference between gas-phase glue and ordinary precipitation glue is that after adding sulfuric acid to sodium silicate, silicon dioxide is deposited, and the fineness is 300-400 mesh, and the two-phase glue can reach more than 1000 mesh. The texture of the material is similar to that of silicon molecules.
The density is higher. If you need to insist on determining the difference of materials, you can also draw conclusions through third-party testing and certification.

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