The Basic process followed in manufacturing custom silicone molds.

Throughout history, artisans have used molds to make almost everything from tools to weapons. These molds were usually made out of stones and metal, which is still used to date.

With significant technological advancements over the years, new materials such as silicone which is easy to use, have been discovered. A majority of manufacturers rely on silicone molding to produce various products.

Shenzhen LYASilicone rubber Products Company is an environmentally friendly company. It specializes in the design, production, and sales of silicone rubber products with over 20 years of industry experience. They support high-volume production.

In this article, we will learn more about making custom silicone molds.


Whys use silicone to make Custom silicone molds?

Silicone is a suitable choice to use in making molds because it offers a wide range of benefits. Silicone is the most suitable material because it provides flexibility, durability, heat resistance, and other benefits.

Review of the process used to make Custom silicone molds.

Different methods are used to produce Custom silicone molds: injection molding, transfer molding, and 3D printing. The following are the processes followed during the production of clients’ customized products.

· Communication

The client will describe how they want the product to be customized. They can do this by presenting photos and 2-dimensional drawings of the product. They will then define the length, width, height, diameter, thickness, weight, etc.  

· Providing the solution for the client needs

With the gathered information, the design team will then develop a 3-dimensional design of the product. Here, the client can provide samples.

· Product proofing

The company will then make molds and samples and send them to the client. After the client has noted what they need, our quotation engineer will evaluate the product drawings and models. After evaluation, the quotation is sent to the customer. They will then confirm whether to cooperate with the company or not. After confirmation, the mold master will program the mold making according to the 3D drawing or sample.

· Client confirmation

After the molds and samples are completed, they will be presented to the customer for confirmation before production.

· Mass production

After the samples they provide have been approved by the customer, the client can place their order, and mass production will immediately start.

Mass production relies on the customers’ communication to ensure the specific needs are met to manufacture these products faster with high quality and quantity. Shenzhen LYASilicone has its mold processing, solid silicone vulcanization, and a liquid silicone injection molding workshop.

· Inspection and delivery

After production, inspection is done by the quality control specialist to ensure the products have the correct design, size, and shapes and are of good quality.

· After sales service

The company offers maintenance and customer service to all clients.


The process mentioned above plays a vital role in the production of custom silicone molds. This process ensures production of molds with precise shapes, sizes, and designs are made possible.



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