Printing processes of silicone products by silicone factories.

With A variety of silicone products being released to the market, some people find it necessary to have customized silicone products to their liking instead of being plain. Well, not everyone is comfortable with customization, but pleasing everyone is not easy.

Shenzhen LYA Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a silicone rubber manufacturer specializing in the design, production and sales of silicone products, with more than 20 years of industry experience. This company offers customization services for the products they provide. One of the methods used to customize these products is printing.

This article will learn about the printing process of silicone products from this silicone factory.

Printing methods used by silicone factories.

The above are the various printing processes used by silicone factories on silicone products; silicone silk screen printing, silicone digital printing, pad printing, silicone thermal transfer printing, water transfer printing, and mold film printing. 

· Silicone silkscreen printing

This method requires a logo screen set. The ink used will be thick and bright. A printing screen is put over the silicone product, and a squeegee is used to spread the ink across the screen and lay down the designed print. After the ink is dried, a dryer is used to ensure the ink sticks and becomes long-lasting.

· Silicone digital printing

This process involves digitally printing digital-based images, logos, or texts onto silicone products. Digital files are used to transfer designs to a digital press for printing. This method allows surface printing in true color quality. After printing, a highly abrasive resistant and flexible protective film is applied to the printed silicone product.

· Silicone pad printing

In this process, silicone parts are printed by a machine with a metal plate. The plate is flat, with the image chemically printed on it. The silicone pad is pressed onto the ink, picking up the print. Then, the silicone pad is pressed onto the base, transferring the image onto the silicone product.

· Silicone heat transfer printing

This process uses heat to transfer the print to the silicone product. The custom logo is first printed on the transfer film, and then the ink is thermally transferred from the film to the silicone product by a heat press. This method can print several color logos.

· Silicone water transfer printing.

A water-soluble printed film is put on the water’s surface, and the silicone products are immersed into the water. The upward pressure of the water makes the ink adhere to the silicone product. The part can then be removed, leaving you with the printed silicone product.

· Silicone in-mold film printing.

Covering a film on the silicone while compressing the product without secondary processing and printing. The final print is washable, foldable and scratch resistant. It also portrays a clear and bright color printing pattern


Compared with ordinary products, printed silicone products are more attractive. Customization offers consumers the freedom to choose whatever design and prints they like on silicone products. Shenzhen LYAsilicone silicone factory is available to do the job.

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