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The silicone stick ear cutter is greener than the cotton swab and reduces the damage to the eardrum

There are reports that the annual production of cotton stick together, the length will be 4 times the distance from the earth to the moon.So many environmentalists appeal to people to use less cotton stick, even some countries also use cotton swabs. Preparations for legislative restrictions.As we know,France could become the first country to ban the sale of plastic cotton bar in 2018.


How to dig your ears without use cotton swabs ?In order to provide a safe and environmentally friendly macrocephalum tools, a Paris design team invented the rod ears artifact.


Unlike a traditional cotton swab, this small tool made of 100% medical silicone can only remove dirt from the ear and remove dirt. It can be reused after being cleaned with water.In addition, it can reduce the damage to the eardrum because it is not too thorough.


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