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Silicone wiper ? This is the future standard of luxury cars

Many people do not know, silicone is increasingly used in the automotive field, such as cylinder head gasket, water pump gasket, tire ingredients, etc.As compared with natural rubber, silicone is more resistant to high temperature, low temperature, wear resistance, UV resistance and ozone resistance. Although it has high cost, it has been continuously developed for its potential applications because of its excellent performance.

Silicone coated wiper must have heard by some people, is coated with a layer of silicone in the rain scraper of natural rubber exports.In the rain blowing when working, adsorbed on the windshield of silicone oil molecules containing silicone, can play a water repellent effect, rain fell rapidly after the formation of water glass will not tumble, so the water film is formed, the front sight clarity increased exponentially, commonly known as lotus leaf effect, the safety of course is higher.This technology first appeared in the Japanese market and the price is very high.

The coating wiper can be said that the effect is immediate, rainy day experience is amazing, as shown below, the rain will not form a water film block line of sight, but the water beads scattered maintain transparent vision, even if the rain no fear.


But the coating wiper also has disadvantages, that is the coating layer is thin, long time effect will be decreased, and the latter because of silicone oil molecules gradually less, may cause the wiper working beat, so sound, etc., and has studied the silicone wiper, basically solves the need to add a water repellent agent, exclusion water film coating wiper noise, durability and other shortcomings, the life cycle of up to 3 years, of course.  The most important or rainy field permeability is very high, good effect to use silicone wiper owners, it is difficult to accept the ordinary car wiper point.


The silicone wiper technology is the formula, like herbal tea or tire formulations, the core competitiveness of enterprises are. Today we would like to recommend a “hit” silicone wiper, and the invention patent holder is Taiwanese, currently in the domestic production and sales. We have 3 editors do a variety of car to test the product, without saying it is a “rainy day artifact, and ordinary compared to the windshield wiper, the vision clarity can increase several times, driving safety is greatly improved.




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