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Silicone hold on pen

Silicone gel pen holder has a good role in helping to develop a good grasp of the pen, for the children just learning shoes, the sooner the more help to help children develop a good grip pen shoes habits! And silica gel grip pen device also has a certain corrective effect, for children who have developed the habit of holding the pen, insist on the use of silicone grip pen will have a better pen gesture to correct the effect!

Silicone Gripper The raw material is made of elastic silicone, non-toxic, its characteristics are soft, feel comfortable, reduce the child’s sharp grip of the pen pain. In the use of the pen when you want to gently turn just to learn to write the child, the sooner the use of silicone grip pen more conducive to develop a good grip pen habit!


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Pull out, in the gently turn into sets, intimate design to help parents easily solve the problem of how to guide children how to hold the pen!
Silicone Gripper use:
1. inch distance: the height of the standard grip pen, nose and fingers just 33MM distance
2. refers to the original: the standard handle pen position, thumb and index finger is only adhesion, so do not have to work hard to hold the pen!
3. Refers to: the direction of the standard grasping the pen, the unique design of the groove to ensure that the three fingers to write the location and direction of accurate!

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