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Operation Process

LSR is double component liquid material, divided into A component and B component. The mixing machine works A component and B component at an exact 1:1 ratio.


It has color pump group and color measurement parts because some products are color design. A+B component, additive agent and color are fully mixed and then enter

the plasticization system. The plasticization system with the function of homogenization and mixing. The mixing material is injected into the hot silicone mold by screw

and silicone occurs curing reaction under 170~200 temperature in mold.


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When use the cold runner system , notice that the runner must be enough cold. In order to avoid leaving the glue, the needle valve is installed on the surface of the mold part.

When shooting is finished, the needle valve closes mouthpiece immediately.



















    Advanced LS Molding and Experienced Workers From LYA Silicone

LSR flow/vulcanization analysis:

1)       Sulfide chemical reaction of liquid silicone needs a certain reaction time.

2)       Ideal flow: in diameter 2mm, 170cm; Flow distance is over 100cm.

3)       Laminar flow to avoid bubbles.

4)       Mold temperature is too high will lead to vulcanization, and cause the flow to be blocked.

5)       Shooting too fast will lead to turbulence.

6)       Material’s viscosity will change the flow ways.

7)       Turbulence leads to white spots.

Liquid Silicone Mold design attention

1)       In order to avoid turbulence and injection, we use a small plastic mouth.

2)       Use the needle-like or winged-like gills.

3)       Let the T-shaped guide replace cylindrical guide. Adopt the injection cavity when out of mold, and add heat insulation.

4)       Don’t use rust inhibitor of including polymerization, generally available toluene, xylene and so on.

In addition, cured LSR is easy to stick to the metal surface. Should be used stripping technology, including thimble top and air push top.

From all the information, we can see that silicone injection molding’s main matter is mixing, metering, sealing screw and designing mold.





Vertical liquid silicone injection molding machine and Horizontal liquid silicone injection molding machine

Vertical liquid silicone injection molding machine is a machine that opens the upper and lower molds, generally used for encapsulation (silicone and other

materials combined). Horizontal liquid silicone injection molding machine is a machine that opens the left and right molds, generally used to produce

silicone pacifiers and other silicone products.


It is easy to achieve automated production because it opens the left and right molds, and don’t need works to take out the finished product from the mold.



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