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How to solve the smell issue of oem silicone products?

As we know oem silicone products are eco-friendly, tough and stable. The custom(OEM) silicone bowl and silicone spoon have a large share

in the market. Food grade silicone product are resistant to falling, has a stronger adsorption force and softness , easy to clean, has colorful

look, safe and harmless pollution. It is an artifact that is tailor-made for babies.


But now many customers have an annoying question who custom silicone products, for example the silicone baby bowl and silicone baby

spoon. The question is washing these products in the hot water, they will be smelled badly. These smell make the food in the bowl very

unpleasant, it is no appetite.

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So why there will be a problem? The answer is in the vulcanizing agent . Vulcanizing agent is an indispensable part of the silicone raw material

becoming a product. It can greatly accelerate the time when silicone raw materials become silicone material and plays a catalytic role. It also saves

a huge cost.

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The taste of the silicone products are used in the general curing agent. Only use the platinum vulcanizing agent or pass the secondary vulcanization

(finished into the oven for 2 hours, the temperature is 180 ° or boil with pure water for 2 hours), they won’t be taste bad. However, the price and cost

of the platinum vulcanizing agent itself is high and it belongs to low temperature vulcanizing agent . Raw material molding time is much longer, so the

production time is long, the cost of the required technology is also high. Secondary vulcanization is also waste time and power. Although the cost is not

as high as the platinum vulcanizing, the effect is not good. This is the reason why so many people say that they use the silicone bowl and silicone spoon

will have unpleasant taste.

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So, the shopping women must ask clear to the business after that. What kind of molding vulcanizing agent is used by the business? If it is not the platinum

vulcanizing or passes the secondary vulcanization, it will taste unpleasant.


At last, I hope everyone’s baby can have a good appetite!


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