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Classification and Introduction of Silicone Products

Silicone products in normal circumstances is easy to absorb dust, so in the manufacturing process, the surface of the silicone products to spray a thin layer of oil, both dust and feel can be guaranteed. Fuel injection process is mainly based on customer requirements to produce different feel and appearance of the silicone keys, but the fuel injection is also divided into three different processes.

1, spray oil
Spray oil is actually in the silicone key surface sprayed on a layer of visible ink, the color is based on customer demand for products to adjust.

2, spray extinction (feel oil)
Extruded light that many people have been very understanding, matte ink is a matte feel ink, its characteristics and PU ink is similar, but the sprayed extinction ink will make the surface of the silicone button surface matte feeling, and can spray scrub Effect, feel also more slippery!

3, spray PU
PU refers to a kind of ink, it has strong adhesion, wear resistance, good transparency and other characteristics, spray the PU’s silicone keys feel very good, very wear-resistant, silicone manufacturers are very common process.
The above three is what we commonly known as “fuel injection silicone products.”


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