Features that make up food-grade silicone products

What precisely is food-grade silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic elastomer that is elastic and has rubber-like qualities. Silicone is used in producing various products because of its capability of flexibility, durability, heat resistance, and low toxicity.

Food-grade silicone is a type of silicone that has all the qualities of other silicone types but does not contain any toxic chemical elements or by-products in it, therefore, makes it safe and suitable to be used in manufacturing food handling products.

Shenzhen LYASilicone Rubber Products is a manufacturing company that deals in producing and selling food-grade silicone products.

In this article, we are going to see what characteristics make foo-grade silicone different from the other silicone types.

Features that make up food-grade silicone products

Characteristics of Food-grade silicone Products.

Food-grade silicone products are regarded as safe, because of the following properties;

  • They do not react with other chemicals.

Food-grade Silicone products are chemically stable and does not react with other chemicals this makes them safe to use with cleaning agents without having to worry about the agents reacting with the products. This is a win because it also makes it easy to clean them.

  • They are durable.

These products can withstand any form of bending or twisting without changing their original form. They are also flame resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easily absorb vibrations. This makes them tough and hence they last for a long time without having to change or replace them.

  • Resistant to extremely high or low amounts of heat.

Silicone products have been proven to withstand high temperatures of more than 200℃ and extremely low temperatures of up to -60℃. This is convenient when freezing, sterilizing, and dishwashing is needed because despite being in extremely cold and hot environments, they still maintain their elasticity and do not get deformed.

  • It is a Non-toxic material.

Food-grade Silicone is safe because unlike the other silicone types, it has no toxic components or by-products thus it makes it safe for human consumption and makes it the most suitable silicone material to use with food products.

  • It is Bacteria resistant.

Silicone products are made with materials that do not allow bacterial growth or proliferation. This is suitable for making silicone food storage which ensures food is kept in original condition and no entry of germs which may cause illness.

  • Silicone is FDA compliant.

Food-grade Silicone products are compliant with regulations for kitchen use and food processing industry use. This means silicone has undergone various tests and it has been certified to be suitable for use with food products.

Features that make up food-grade silicone products


Due to Food-grade silicones’ ability to withstand extremely high and low amounts of heat, Silicone is suitable for making various products such as; baking trays, ice cube holders, and kitchen utensils such as spatulas, knife handles among other products.

These products do not become brittle in extreme temperature conditions which makes them durable and longer-lasting than conventional materials such as plastic and glass.

There are few applications of food-grade silicone but with continuous innovations and inventions, new products will be tested and developed.

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