Can silicone products be sterilized if boiled in boiling water?

When it comes to liquid silicone products, such as silicone pacifiers, feeding bottles, and baby finger toothbrushes used by babies are all made of liquid silicone. Because of the particularity of baby products, it is necessary to pass food-grade products for baby products. Only certified raw materials are acceptable, and they must be non-toxic and tasteless high-temperature resistant products. So we will find that more and more mothers around us are beginning to choose silicone baby products for their babies. Friends who may not know about silicone will ask: Are silicone products safe and reliable?

Medical liquid silicone products

First of all, silica gel itself is an environmentally friendly material, and it is also a raw material that has passed food-grade certification. Food-grade silica gel has excellent and unique functions. In addition to high and low temperature resistance, its stability is high. The main component is a combination of silica, silicone resin and white carbon black, so it will not conflict with any substance except the vulcanizing agent added by the silicone product manufacturer during the rubber mixing process, but even if the vulcanizing agent has an odor, it is okay It can be removed according to the product’s secondary fluidization and high-temperature baking.

Liquid silicone products

Besides, liquid silicone products are very easy to clean and do not need any detergent to clean. They can also be boiled in boiling water for disinfection, and the time can be controlled within 5-15 minutes. The most important point is that as long as it is produced by a regular manufacturer High-quality silicone products can also be baked in a microwave oven, which is extremely convenient and trouble-free.So generally speaking, as long as it is a regular silicone product, it can be boiled in boiling water, which will not only play a role in sterilization, but also will not produce any harmful substances. And it is also the first choice for safe and reliable baby materials!

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