Can silicone kitchenware withstand high temperatures?

Silicone kitchenware was introduced to the market a few years ago and its popularity has grown to offer some advantages over conventional materials such as plastic and glassware. Silicone kitchenware has gained popularity for its durability, flexibility, heat resistance, and non-toxicity.

Since the introduction of silicone into the market, many manufacturers have come up to produce and sell silicone products. Shenzhen LYASilicone Rubber Products Company limited is one of the companies that sell and produce silicone products.

In this article, we are going to help you understand silicone kitchenware concerning its ability to withstand high temperatures.

Can silicone kitchenware withstand high temperatures?

What Silicone Kitchenware is made of?

Silicone kitchenware as its name suggests is made up of silicone which is a synthetic polymer that has features similar to that of rubber. There are several types of silicone. In the manufacture of Silicone kitchenware, Food grade silicone rubber is used. This is a type of silicone rubber that has no harmful chemicals in its composition. This makes it safe for human consumption and for use in products that handle food.

Is silicone kitchenware Heat resistant?

The answer to this question is yes. Liquid Silicone rubber can withstand high temperatures at a higher rate compared to organic rubber. It can withstand temperatures of 150℃ and 200℃ for long periods of over 10000 hours without changing its state. It has also been proven to withstand up to 350℃ but for short periods.

Liquid silicone rubber is a thermostat elastomer hence it cannot melt. This enables this material to withstand high temperatures of up to 250℃ and will continue to function normally and retain its mechanical composition and elasticity.

That is to say silicone kitchenware resistant to high amounts of heat.

silicone kitchenware

Reasons behind silicone kitchenware heat resistance.

Silicone kitchenware is able to withstand high temperatures because of the following reasons;

  • The silicone material is a material made of Silicon and Oxygen atoms. In its chemical structure, these molecules, alternate with each other and are held together in a place by molecular forces which have high binding energy. This high binding energy makes it possible for silicone products to withstand high amounts of energy because for these bonds to be broken, high amounts of heat are needed. This quality of silicone makes it possible for silicone kitchenware to withstand high amounts of heat.
  • Silicone is chemically stable. This means it can maintain its chemical structure in a chemical reaction. In this case, the chemical reaction is heating therefore, with exposure to high temperatures, it does not break or get deformed and does not become brittle. This property of silicone makes Silicone kitchenware able to withstand high amounts of heat.


Silicone products can withstand high amounts of heat. This makes it suitable to be used in products such as silicone kitchenware. Its resistance to high temperatures makes it possible to be used in cooking, baking, and food storage solutions. It is also used in protective equipment such as baking gloves and handles of utensils as an insulator.


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