Affected by the epidemic, the supply of medical silicone masks from silicone products manufacturers exceeds supply

The new strand of SARS, coronavirus was first discovered in late 2019 and by 2020, it was announced by the world health organization as an epidemic.

Since then, Filter facepiece respirators have played an important role in preventing the transmission of respiratory diseases, in this case, the Coronavirus.

Silicone rubber masks are important devices that effectively protects against airborne pathogens because it has a tight fit and has a high filtering capacity.

In this article, we are going to focus on the rising demand and advantages of using silicone rubber masks.

High rise in the demand for silicone masks by Silicone products manufacturers.

As the number of new coronavirus cases continues to rise, the need for N95 masks which are believed to be the most effective in preventing respiratory diseases is becoming inevitable.

With high demand for protective equipment to curb this virus, N95 manufacturing companies are not able to meet the needed supply.

Medical Silicone products manufacturing industries have since come up to help and supply this protective equipment.

They have invented silicone rubber face masks which they believe will stop the spread of viral particles as effectively as the N95 masks.

These masks have been made with elastostatic filters which require less material to make than the filters used in N95 masks and are more effective in filtering out viruses.

Shenzhen LYASilicone rubber products company is one of the companies that produces and sells silicone rubber masks.

Affected by the epidemic, the supply of medical silicone masks from silicone products manufacturers exceeds supply

Advantages of using masks by silicone products manufacturers.

Various tests have been carried out on the new silicone masks and they have proven to be more effective and efficient when compared to N95 masks.

Below are some of the highlighted benefits of using these masks.

  • They are reusable.

These silicone masks are made with silicone which is a friendly material to use. Unlike N95 masks, rubber silicone masks can withstand high amounts of heat therefore, they can be sterilized and used as many times as possible.

The filters can also be exchanged with new ones and can be refurbished for future use.

  • They are easy to clean.

The masks are made with silicone material that has a smooth texture. This property makes it easy to clean. It is also chemically stable which means it doesn’t react with chemicals therefore it can be cleaned using soap detergent or ethanol.

  • They fit well

These masks have been made with precise sizes to ensure they fit well to the face, covering the nose and mouth and they provide a seal against virus particles. They come with adjustable str

and that allow you to adjust to whatever suits you.

  • They are easy to manufacture.

Rubber silicone masks are produced with a highly automated process using injection molding. This is where liquid silicone rubber is injected into a mold of the desired shape. This process is fast and reliable. This is essential in ensuring the high demand for these masks is met.

  • They are non-toxic and tasteless.

They have been made with liquid silicon rubber which is a friendly material to use for the skin because it has no harmful chemicals or by-products in its composition. They also have no taste nor smell. This promotes comfort when using these products.


The introduction of rubber silicone masks has helped a lot in ensuring the protection of people from these kinds of respiratory disease-causing viruses. These rubber silicone masks are also highly effective and environmentally friendly because they can be re-used.


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